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Steps to Connect, Grow and Prosper.

Explore some of the best products and services our nation has to offer. Citizenship does have its advantages..

Step 1

Apply for Citizenship

There will be a one-time non- refundable processing fee of $99 to cover administration cost. Upon your approved application your first monthly charge of $36 will be due. The amount of your authorized monthly investment fee is charged to the credit card you provide on the 1st of each month. Your monthly citizenship investment fee can be canceled at any time. Cancellation notice must be received before the 1st to prevent billing.

Step 2

Browse, Connect, Purchase and Grow

FraserNation is a portal & incubator for Black Excellence. A place where we connect the dots and leverage more effectively our collective resources, human and intellectual capital locally and globally. We offer you over $100 million in intellectual capital from our verified service providers. So take advantage and browse the categories that will best help you achieve success.

Step 3

List & Promote

As a Citizen, you can take advantage of the full scope of what FraserNation has to offer. If you have a product, submit a listing to sell it in our store. If you have a business or service, be it a restaurant or real-estate office, you can now promote it and share your location, menu, or discount deals to a growing Citizenship all eager to support your business.


Explore some of the best tips from around the city from our partners and friends.

Does FraserNation™ issue passports to get into America?

FraseNation™ is not a sovereign country. We do not issue passports or grant legal immigration status for individuals who wish to leave their birth country or those wishing to have their naturalization status changed. We are a membership organization and a virtual network of African defendants whose mission is to equip our members with the education and tools to participate in the wealth-building process legally and within the rights of each members country's provision to do so.

What is the required age for citizenship?

The required age for applicants is 24 year of age and older. You may also submit while 23 but only in the year of your 24th birthday.  

Can college students apply for Citizenship?

All students are welcome but must meet the age and the interview requirements before citizenship can be granted.

What does the monthly cost cover?

All monthly fees are allocated as service maintenance cost to ensure we keep the lights on. Or in this case, our hosting fee paid on time! 🙂

How long does the citizenship process take?

Average processing time can take up to 3 weeks, depending on the availability. Applications are reviewed and processed on a first in basis. You must schedule your appointment after completing the online form. Your date and time of interview choices will be what is currently available at the time of your submission.

Do I have to be a Citizen to list my company?

Yes. When your application is approved, your status will change from a subscriber to a Citizen with rights to submit listings and promote your approved products and services on our entire OneFraserNation™ site.

How do I post a listing?

First, you must be a Citizen with monthly fees up-to-date. To submit a listing, click the big yellow button located in the top right corner of your screen. Fill out the requirements and choose your business type and category, and you are on your way. It does take up to 3-5 days to vet your information and approve your listing.

Can I list more than one company or service?

Each Citizen in good standing can have up to 2 listings. Each additional listing is $25 per month.

Can I sell my product in your online store?

All Citizens can sell up to 3 approved products in our online store. 

Is Citizenship FREE for my spouse and teenagers?

Citizenship privileges cover one (1) person. If you are head of household, your spouse and children under the age of 18 will be granted provisional Citizenship privileges for an additional monthly fee of $12. Children over the age of 18 are required to apply for their Citizenship independently, but their application must first be approved before rights and privileges are activated.

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