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Over the past 400 years since our Ancestors were brought to these hostile shores in chains, America’s laws, policies and practices have ‘systematically’ denied our freedom, frustrated our unity and prevented our progress. A calculated ‘social gap’ keeps us at the bottom on every desirable indicator of well-being in the society. Moreover, we find it untenable that the Creator would have provided the world’s ‘richest’ continent, Africa, to a people whose post-slavery and post-colonial descendants would be wealth-less, locked into poverty, a permanent underclass and reduced to ‘second-class’ subjects. Therefore, demographic and societal changes demand that we take immediate steps to secure the total freedom that has eluded us for four centuries. Our Ancestors, Elders, activists and others have passionately argued that only through a solid unification can we promote and secure our growth, prosperity and longevity. 

The time has come to follow our great West African legacies of Old Ghana, Mali, Songhai and Benin. We must build a new ‘Nation’ that disrupts current cultural disunity and complacency, while nurturing a culture of excellence as the foundation for optimal collaboration and enhanced self-reliance within the Black world. Wherein as ‘Citizens’, in the spirit of PowerNomics and Kwanzaa’s 7-Principles, with specific emphasis on Collective Work, Responsibility, Self-Determination and other critical values, we so declare we are no longer in the age of persuasion; we are now in the age of mobilization and unification. To that end, we will focus on the orientation, education, training and effective networking required for accelerated intergenerational economic and business development, financial literacy and management, and the public policies closely related to the resolution of these goals. FraserNation intends to be the path and vehicle to manifesting this liberation vision in response to the simple fact that no one will save us but us! We will learn, earn and return.

 “As long as we are not ourselves, we will try to be what other people are.” –Malidoma Patrice Somé

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