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FraserNation™ Constitution

FraserNation™ Constitution

Article 1


We believe in “Freedom, Unity, Progress for All”


We believe FraserNation Citizens of Generational Wealth will neither be a quick fix nor a panacea. Instead it will be a long and challenging undertaking that must succeed – our salvation and upward mobility depends upon it and failure is not an option. We will honor our spiritual teachings, “A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children”. (Proverbs 13:22, New American Standard Bible)

We believe FraserNation systems will metaphorically perform the “cultural cataract procedure” and “open heart surgery” to remove the haze from our vision and the societal plaque that restricts our personal excellence, effective collaboration and collective progress.  A haze and plaque that, if not removed immediately, will result in our collective ‘re-enslavement’ or ‘social suicide’ in a 21st Century’s Group Conscious world, and, provide the vital ‘psychotherapy’ needed to remove the mental chains of ‘psychological slavery’ to free our incredible, untapped potential that will quicken the manifestation of our efficiency, excellence, and genius.

We believe FraserNation will be a ‘virtual nation’ of “socially conscious” like-minded African descendent ‘Citizens’, Citizen-Groups, Citizen-Organizations – and FraserNation Allies – that pledge to embrace the required core values, guiding principles and codes of conduct, as well as exhibit our Standards of Excellence to include: a commitment to Demonstrated Excellence; Equity and Investment; and Entrepreneurial Thinking, with tangible and exemplary results.


Using a “qualified” citizenship model, these commitments will manifest through FraserNation’s processes, structure, and systems to nurture effective individual and group skills; generate new, relevant and expanding opportunities; build intergenerational wealth; and develop new technologies for inter-connectedness and success in the 21st century. 



Article 2


We believe in FraserNation’s Three Codes: Values, Principles and Conduct


For over 30 years, FraserNet has consistently espoused, and, by example, demonstrated its core values and guiding principles. During these three decades, trainers, coaches, presenters, partners, allies and collaborators were chosen based upon the assumption that they embraced our primary vision to advance Black people and thus our country. Regrettably, experiences have proven that this assumption was distorted. Therefore, going forward, and effective immediately, this essential commitment will be assured by utilization of a rigorous peer review vetting system.


Moreover, as we launch FraserNation (2019) – in a very precarious political and social climate – we will avoid faulty assumptions, among others, by requiring all citizens, content/service providers, allies, presenters, faculty, partners and participants to submit specific examples showing how they have and will continue to exhibit FraserNation’s Code of Values, Code of Guiding Principles and Codes of Conduct in their professional work, relationships and daily lives.  Submissions will represent authorization for their use in conference promotions, inclusion in brochures as well as various other marketing activities.  The time and format for completion and submission will be forthcoming. 


FraserNation’s success cannot and will not be left to chance.  Our people have been deceived long enough. FraserNation Citizens must be and see clear examples of the values we hold dear. FraserNation Citizens will not just talk about it, they will be about it!



Article 3


FLAG – Meaning and Symbols


Every Nation has adopted an official flag – one that incorporates the colors, symbols and feeling, which the founders believe exemplify and best articulates the historical challenges and achievements of the people; their personal, common and shared experiences; as well as their hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future.  FraserNation is no exception. 

We believe that FraserNation is more justified in the adoption of a national flag than any nation in world history because:


  1. No other nation’s Ancestors were abducted in the interior of their homeland and marched, in chains, over 200 miles to languish in ‘cold’, dark, unforgiving, brutal coastal dungeons for 3-4 months awaiting cargo ships bound for unknown destinations.

  2. No other nation’s Ancestors were then forcibly – in emaciated and often impregnated conditions – packed in the hulls of cargo ships as unwilling immigrants on ominous transatlantic journeys bound for a New World forecasting generations of oppression, pain, suffering, degradation, cultural assault and historical destruction.

  3. No other nation’s Ancestors, upon arrival in the hostile New World, would be sold as commodities, labeled ‘property’ (often branded), helplessly watching the destruction of their families, being terrorized into providing generations of free labor while dreaming of a better day….

We, the Founders and Citizens of FraserNation – the children of the Ancestors who refused to die – boldly, without apology, and with a profound sense of pride, endorse and will peaceably defend against unwarranted hate and negativity, the FraserNation Flag, with its symbols and colors as described. The first four points clearly explain the significance of our stars:

  1. Each of the 36 stars (4 Gold and 32 White) recognizes the unifying efforts of The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey and depicts the Adinkra symbol of Nsoromma, which means ‘Child of the Heavens’, signifying ‘guardianship’ and the fact that God watches over all people. 

  2. The encircled 36 stars symbolize a clock that represents the giants of our historical global leadership, Unity, Inter-dependence, Safety and Security. 

  3. Each White star reflects 10-degrees of light that has been passed down by generations and each bears the name of one of our Illumined Ancestors. Moreover, each White star represents the ‘inextinguishable’ light that is now in the hands of FraserNation’s Citizens of Excellence to carry forward. Together, the 4 Gold and 32 White Stars comprise the 360 degrees of excellence that will firmly anchor FraserNation.

Our Revered scholar, teacher and Ancestor, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, says: 

“History is a clock that people use to tell their political and cultural time of day. It is a compass they use to find themselves on the map of human geography. It tells them where they are but, more importantly, what they must be….”


  1. The 4 Gold stars convey our ability to simultaneously venture in all directions, keep time, while respecting four of our great icons – Imhotep, Hatshepsut, Marcus Garvey and Harriett Tubman – together with our great West African Empire builders of Ghana (700-1240 A.D.), Mali (700-900 A.D., 1235-1600 A.D.), Songhai (1460-1591 A.D.) and Benin (1180-1897 A.D.). In our successful quest to replicate their standards of excellence, we shall rise. 

  2. The White reflects the return of the light – that neither shone on them in the dungeons nor in the bottom of the sailing prison/coffins – that will now illuminate the way, through us, their children.

  3. The Gold symbolizes the natural wealth that our Creator gave us in abundance and which our ‘enlightened’ Citizens will use to mine, manage, and maximize our vast, untapped 21st century ‘gold’ deposits in the achievements of our nation’s ‘goals’ and objectives as we move forward. 

  4. The Dark Blue reminds us of the vast, dark oceans that our Ancestors crossed with both trepidation and fear, yet connects all descendants of the diaspora with confidence in their God and their resolve to survive.

  5. FraserNation has been carefully positioned in the center of the 36 stars with the ‘F’ pointing due North – 360 degrees – at the dawn of our ‘new day.’ The ‘F’ represents FraserNation, Freedom and the Future, reflecting our belief that our destiny is inextricably linked to our re-unification with our Mother Continent – Africa. 

  6. The Dark Blue ocean flows through the ‘F’ as a constant reminder that our lives, challenges and destiny are tied to the diaspora and God’s ‘waters of life’, which allows us to come and go in the ongoing pursuit of new discoveries on our planet, within ourselves, and throughout the universe, as we endeavor to nurture progress for all. 

Our Flag is firmly grounded on our Ancestral standards of perseverance, courage, adaptability, and excellence. We recognize that it is now our time and we enthusiastically assume responsibility for the preservation, continuation and expansion of our awesome legacy. 

Article 4


FraserNation Code of Core Values


We the Citizens of FraserNation pledge:


1. Continued Spiritual growth, family enrichment and a personal legacy of intergenerational transfer of wealth.

2. Healthy relationships focused on service to others as the foundation for success.

3. Investing time, effort and resources into lifelong learning to produce growth and success.

4. Modeling a healthy work ethic, the love for what one does nurturing success habits in others.

5. Empowering ourselves and others to live healthy lifestyles.

Article 5


FraserNation Code of Guiding Principles


We the Citizens of FraserNation, pledge:


1. Being guided by the higher power or force within by first giving thanks in/for all things, honoring and treating work as a gift and spiritual mission.

2. Practicing humility and listening as important character traits, including the duty of love to others.

3. Fostering trust through honesty, integrity and the treatment of others with dignity and respect.

4. Building wealth honorably and using wealth as a force for good.

5. Living a ‘healthy’ and authentic life by giving first, sharing always, and keeping promises (especially to yourself).

6. Thinking deeper, working with passion, dedication, efficiency, and always exceeding expectations.

Article 6


FraserNation Code of Conduct for Effective Networking


  1. Do your research first. Think about the person that you make contact with, list what you have to offer and present it first. For example, make a mutually beneficial introduction; share your expertise or excellence. Provide valuable information, but all must be helpful to the person with whom you are trying to build a relationship.

  2. Lead with a thank you…and/or a sincere compliment. Thank them for their time, for taking the call, for their email or letter. Thank them for sharing, listening, referring, responding to an email, letter or call. Said another way, open a call/contact with enthusiasm and positive reinforcement.

  3. Making a proper introduction. Learn and use the FraserNation 20 second “sound bite” formula (who you are, where you are from, what you do, how do you add value? Quantify your value with impact results). Discover those things you have in common (such as a fraternity, sorority, personal referral, hobbies, colleagues and friends, etc.).

  4. Build rapport. Give and add value first; help them with their wealth building, health, children… Be clear and concise on why you’re making the contact and what you’re seeking. Don’t force people to guess your agenda or request something they cannot and/or are not prepared to do. Give the relationship time to grow.

  5. Follow-up with a thank you note. Let your contact know what occurred (resulted) if they recommended a course of action or a referral.

Article 7


FraserNation Customer Service Code of Conduct


Customer Service and/or Product Providers must:


  1. Be welcoming, fair, responsive and courteous in the delivery of customer service. 

  2. Be friendly, accessible and seek to understand the customer’s needs and solve problems – even if difficult. 

  3. Be professional, well informed, exhibit pride in your profession, meet expectations and be candid when you don’t. 

  4. Respect confidentiality. Explain what you can provide and what customers should expect. 

  5. Respond quickly and effectively (within 24 hours) to complaints. Graciously accept and use all feedback to improve.

  6. Provide a quality service/product, be transparent and work towards continuous improvement.

  7. Respond to inquiries quickly, courteously and never promise what you can’t deliver.

  8. Work hard to gain and maintain customer trust by listening and communicating clearly, concisely and accurately. 

  9. Be curious about your customers’ satisfaction with your service or product.  Be open minded and work to eliminate problems quickly.

  10. Consider the best interest of customers and escalate resolution of their problems quickly and efficiently.

  11. Ensure that you are a positive role model of the FraserNation quality standards of excellence.

  12. Communicate to the appropriate FraserNation representative when a product or service is not possible.

Article 8


FraserNation Customer Code of Conduct


Customers are responsible for:


  1. Being knowledgeable about the product and/or service they are purchasing.

  2. Being professional, courteous, respectful and honest.

  3. Additional vetting and evaluation of all providers of products and service to make a sound and reasonable purchasing decision. 

  4. Being reliable, patient, responsive, fair and understanding.

  5. Being timely with service and product critiques. 

  6. Providing realistic and honest description of themselves and assessment of their needs.

  7. Having more than one option, choice or opportunity. 

  8. Bringing new perspectives, ideas and a willingness to collaborate.

  9. Having confidence in vendor’s ability to achieve results.

  10. Putting any grievance in writing and seeking to mediate disputes.

Article 9


We Believe In Our Present and Future


The first generation FraserNation branded tools/services will undergo continued research and development (R&D) modifications and enhancements. This continued refinement, augmentation and expansion is our equation for building and preparing our leaders for tomorrow. All current and future tools, products and services will be grounded in a researched “Connect the Dots“ theory, format and practice. FraserNation will seek carefully vetted strategic alliances, joint ventures and partnerships with Black professionals, allies, organizations and other businesspeople – that follow our Standards of Excellence, resulting in the continued growth and unification of FraserNation.


Present Activities

  1. PowerNetworking Conference.

  2. WINDS:  Wealth Building Centers and Curriculum. (Focus: 4 Pillars for the Inter-generational Transfer of Wealth).

  3. Daily Inspirational Social Media outreach to all citizens, allies, friends and others we deem appropriate.

  4. Endorsed/Vetted Group Lectures, Books/Writings, Webinars, Workshops, Events, Coaching, Training and Mentoring.

  5. Strategic partnerships/alliances and joint ventures with established business/wealth builders, subject matter experts, coaches, partners and allies globally.

  6. FraserNation Think Tank. (Focus:  Reparations, Economic Development, Wealth Creation).

  7. FraserNation Scholars and Speakers.

  8. Mediation, Dispute Resolution.

Article 10


FraserNation Future Proposed Activities 

(3 to 10-year projections)


  1. A Venture Fund.

  2. Political Action Committee (PAC) and Social Media Influencers and Lobbyists.

  3. FraserNation Non-Profit 501c3.

  4. Development of Apps, AI and Virtual Reality Learning Experiences.

  5. New Themed PNC Regional Events: PowerWomen, PowerMen, PowerMillennials, etc.

  6. Online Speakers Bureau.

  7. Publishing House and Imprint.

  8. Online Fee-based Coaching, “Rites of Passage” and Multi-subject Training Opportunities. 

  9. Online Credit Union, and Online/App-based Banking.

  10. Public and private sector survey/analysis fee-based services.

  11. Large capacity classes for technology skills development targeted to millennials (i.e. “coding”).

  12. Entertainment: Audio-Visual, Recording/Distribution, Motion Picture Production/Distribution. 

  13. Education: FraserNation African-Centered Independent School Network.

  14. International Consulting Services and Global Trade Missions.

  15. Additional specific subject matter National Conferences – Virtual and Live.

  16. On-line Shopping Discount Programs with allies.

  17. Dual Citizenship with key countries in Africa.

  18. Groundbreaking for an African American Business Hall of Fame and Museum, in a city TBD.

  19. Goal:  1 million Citizens.

  20. Other ambitious proposals…TBD by FraserNation Leadership and Citizens.

Article 11


Requirements and Benefits of a Citizen’s Monthly Contribution


The growth, development and sustainability of any nation is dependent upon its citizens deep commitment, creativity, work ethic, skills and the financial resources he or she contributes to FraserNation (see Article 12F), therefore; 


  1. As a Contributing Citizen, having paid a $100 citizen application fee, agreed to a monthly contribution, and qualified within our Standards of Excellence, you will have immediately available to you a myriad of proven products and services designed just for you, that will provide you education, training, coaching tools and inspiration for your personal growth and development. 


  1. As a Contributing Citizen, if you are a high-quality provider of any of the above, you will have a global inter-connected platform and network to market your products/services; generate new revenue; extend your reach; and, brand and enhance your image of excellence among your customers and peers.


  1. As a Contributing Citizen, you will have access to FraserNation’s massive network of global Citizens, allies and models to build new partnerships, strategic alliances, joint ventures and new productive individual relationships that are focused on business and economic development, wealth creation, personal growth and development, lifelong learning and constant never-ending improvement.


  1. As a Contributing Citizen, a decorative and frameable but personalized Certificate of Permanent Citizenship, a mini replica of our flag and a handsome wallet size FN credential with your own personal authentication number will also be provided.

Article 12


FraserNation Provisional Governance


  1. The FraserNation Founding Citizens, as herein after set out, in addition to their authority to ratify the Declaration of Interdependence and Provisional Constitution (totaling 13 numbered pages, plus exhibits) shall have the sole, irrevocable responsibility, at their sole discretion, to approve modifications, edits and or amendments to the Provisional Constitution by a 3/4 majority; thereby, removing the provisional designation, for a period of 6 years, ending June 26, 2025.


  1. Effective June 27, 2025, should the provisional designation remain, The Founding Citizens must, via consensus or a 3/4 majority vote should consensus prove unachievable, remove the provisional designation within one year but not later than June 26, 2026.


  1. Founding Citizens shall always total 48 members (24 female – 24 male). Accordingly, vacancies must be filled immediately with Alternate Founding Citizens selected by the President, or, with Presidential approval, by Consensus of the Founding Citizens, or by 3/4 majority vote should consensus prove unachievable. 


  1. Should, for whatever reason, the office of the President become vacant, the Vice-President will assume the position of President and select within 6 months of vacancy a Vice-President, after consultation with the 48 Founding Citizen Members and in strict adherence to the Constitution and the overall best interest of FraserNation.


  1. The 48 Founding Citizens are hereby recognized as FraserNation’s duly sanctioned Governing Authority, reflecting an equal/balanced, female/male representation – 21 years old and above, and representing a minimum of 3 generations.


  1. The Founding Citizens, in addition to their ratification of a *$36.00 per month start-up Citizenship Contribution requirement (see Article 11), will assume primary responsibility for developing the strategies and mechanisms that will generate the capital needed to fund the Nation’s initiatives, programs, infrastructure, etc., as well as the overall and ongoing management, operations and citizenship responsibilities, duties, obligations and amendments, if any, concerning this Constitution.


  1. Thirty-Six (36) FraserNation State Governors (18 female – 18 male) shall be appointed to three year terms by the President within 2 years of the date of the signing of this founding document, subject to Presidential re-appointment or election by their respective state citizens upon recommendation by the Council of Advisors and approval by the President. 


  1. The President shall appoint twenty-six (26) Council of Advisors members (13 female – 13 male) who will serve 4-year terms subject to Presidential re-appointment.


  1. The President, in consultation with the Council of Advisors, will appoint additional Diplomats and Ambassadors from the Diaspora to represent FraserNation’s interests, including, among others: a) communicating the national vision, codes, conduct expectations, and goals; b) seeking recruitment of potential citizens; c) resource development; and d) interfacing with African and other Nations, through signed Memorandums of Agreement, in the pursuit of allies, economic partnerships and mutually beneficial collaborations.


  1. Regional Representatives will be recommended by State Governors and the Council of Advisors based upon considerations of established qualifications, population needs and geographic density. Each Regional Representative will be responsible for Citizen recruitment, new citizen orientation, regional event planning, recruitment and recommendation of organizations, allies and resources for FraserNation activities and overall growth.

Article 13


FraserNation Mediation Dispute Procedures




FraserNation intends for its citizenry to possess (seek and acquire) exceptional skills, talents, broad experience and expertise that is grounded by a keen sense of culture, history, excellence and communalism. Citizens will be unapologetically dedicated to creating, preserving and transferring traditional wisdom, indispensable knowledge and generational wealth to future generations. However, in the day-to-day activities of any nation, misunderstandings, grievances and various issues will arise that require resolution and reconciliation to preserve harmony and further the overall goals of FraserNation.  The Mediation Process is designed to aid achievement of these objectives.  




The maintenance, preservation and continued advancement of a healthy, strong, harmonious and productive FraserNation depends, in large part, on its ability to maintain the social harmony and collective effort needed to fuel its growth, development and ultimate success. To these ends, the FraserNation Mediation Process is designed to foster resolution, reconciliation and consensus.




The FraserNation Dispute Resolution Process will be facilitated by a panel of FraserNation Citizens in accordance with the following steps:

1) Upon receipt of a formal written complaint, grievance or issue, all involved parties will be contacted concerning their willingness to participate in the mediation process.

2) Should all parties agree they will be asked to review and consult with their legal and or other representatives or consultants before signing the Mediation Agreement.

3) All parties will be required to submit their final personal and corroborating notarized statements with any documentation they wish to be considered. References to ‘non-party’ individuals will be considered only if the individual has submitted a notarized statement.

4) All submissions will be reviewed to ascertain areas of agreement as well as a more formal articulation of issues. Following the review and evaluation the panel will provide all parties with a statement of proposed stipulations regarding areas of agreement and remaining issues to be mediated for their review and approval.

5) A specific and definite timetable will be set for submission of written responses to any remaining issues. Upon receipt of responses to remaining issues all parties will be notified of the date, time, format, issues to be mediated, responsibilities and expectations of the parties concerning the video conference Mediation session.

6) The Mediation Panel will review, evaluate and deliberate regarding the final panel conclusions and recommendations for resolution, reconciliation and consensus.


Disposition Report:


At the conclusion of the mediation process, The Mediation Panel will prepare a brief 1-2 page report concerning the consensus resolution and reconciliation parameters and wrap up any remaining matters pursuant to the Agreement.


Article 14


FraserNation Citizenship Oath & Pledge


We, the Founding Citizens of FraserNation embrace the Pan-African necessity of ‘interdependency’ articulated by our great historical freedom fighters, adopted by FraserNation to be preserved and advanced by and through its Citizens.


“I am humbled by the incredible opportunity and awesome responsibility afforded by my Citizenship. I understand, accept and embrace the FraserNation’s Core Values, Guiding Principles and Codes of Conduct. I further commit to honor our national flag, uphold my citizenship responsibilities, duties and obligations to our community.  I solemnly pledge, before My Higher Power, Illumined Ancestors, Revered Elders, and esteemed FraserNation Citizens, to dedicate myself – in mind, body, heart and spirit – to exhibiting exemplary personal, professional and performance standards in my behavior, and, in the achievement of any assignment(s) given to me; signed and witnessed this 27th Day of June, 2019.”




“We believe in Freedom, Unity, Progress for All”


We, the undersigned Founding Citizens of FraserNation – with pride, dignity, humility and 

confidence in the success of this mission – do hereby ratify FraserNation’s 

Declaration of Interdependence and Provisional Constitution 

on this 27th Day of June, 2019.




God and nature first made us what we are and then out of our own created genius we make ourselves what we want to be. Follow always that great law. Let the sky and God be our limit and Eternity our measurement.

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