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Declaration of Interdependence

Declaration of Interdependence

Declaration of Interdependence FRASERNATION (FN) will be the first nation without physical boundaries, borders or barriers. FN will be affiliated with continental African descendants, their extended family throughout the diaspora and eons of African Ancestors that preceded them stretching across millennia into antiquity, as well as the unending future generations of those yet unborn. Our slogan is “Freedom, Unity, Progress for All”. 

The definable physical space of FraserNation as a ‘conceptual-virtual entity’ will reside within the hearts and minds of its Citizens. FraserNation pledges to protect, preserve and improve the lives of its citizens based on principles of spiritual, cultural and historical consciousness and a heightened sense of community: solidified by a strong belief in collaboration, the power of interdependency and the unwavering belief and faith in God’s continuing guidance, support and blessings to keep it/us on this chosen path. We believe that the goals and objectives inherent in this declaration will be realized through disruption, delayed intergenerational gratification, and an uncompromising adherence to FraserNation’s practices, protocols, principles, roles, functions and honor codes. Ultimately, as we honor our commitments, the anticipated support we will receive from our Ancestors and God’s continuing grace will arm us to “march on ‘til victory is won!” 

As we stand firmly on the shoulders of generations of our courageous African Ancestors, we proudly accept the mandate to mobilize and unify to take immediate, definitive and profound steps to restore our people to their historic positions of greatness and advance them into the future we create together. More specifically, FraserNation is conceived and developed to give Black people new identities, insights, resources, tools and training to: 

  1. Raise consciousness and enhance trust.
  2. Nurture race and self-esteem for successful business development, wealth creation and its transference to future generations.
  3. Ignite our resolve for excellence and provide access to coaching, training and opportunities for new inter-continental strategic alliances, joint ventures and partnerships, resulting in a culture of excellence and the historic recycling of Black dollars between our citizens and allies. 

And to these noble ends, we – the FraserNation Founding Citizens – boldly and with a comprehensive long-range vision of “Freedom, Unity, Progress for All” – on Thursday, June 27, 2019, at the 18th Annual PowerNetworking Conference, held in Houston, Texas, do formally declare our psychological freedom and hereby establish FraserNation as an ‘interdependent virtual-community’ of African Descendant Citizens, that, among many others, will provide: 

Full Membership in the world’s first and only ‘virtual’ Black Nation wherein Citizens will experience the psychological relief, comfort and joy of being accepted, valued and embraced for who they are. 

  • Access to year-round webinars, workshops, conferences, coaching and training facilitated by subject matter experts with a focus on financial literacy, economic development, personal, professional and business development, leadership, and spiritual historical guidance. 
  • Benefits from the leadership in the development of new technology-based products and services, systems and programs. 
  • Transformation through daily positive reinforcement including knowledge of our historical-cultural excellence and our personal power to nurture our cultural root systems. 
  • Ongoing instruction concerning cutting-edge information, commentary and insights from various leaders in their respective fields.

God and nature first made us what we are and then out of our own created genius we make ourselves what we want to be. Follow always that great law. Let the sky and God be our limit and Eternity our measurement.

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